Anna passed away unexpectedly in her home August 20, 2022. While she would have been sorry to leave us so soon, but she was able to live each of her days on her own terms as her whole and autonomous self. She was forward-thinking, generous, and hilarious.

She will be remembered for her work in labor organization, the Chinatown community, with the Southern California Genealogy Society, with the Oral History Association, at the Huntington Library, and at Cal State Los Angeles. She will be remembered and missed by her daughter, her siblings, her nieces and nephews, her roommates at Smith, her neighbors, and her qi gong students and classmates.

You can remember Anna by: taking a peaceful walk at the beach, trying a new restaurant or dish, planting drought-resistant plants native to your region, by donating to North East Trees, and/or treating the women and girls in your life fairly and with respect.

Information about her viewing and celebration of life

Where to send condolences.

If you have any photos of Anna you’d like to share with some or all of her friends and family, please email as an attachment to photos@annayinglaigee@net. If you’d like to share several photos, please contact the same address with you’re preferred platform. Please specify if you’d only like to share your photo(s) with a certain group or if you’d prefer it wasn’t shown at her celebration of life.

More information about sharing memories to come soon.